I have just been unsettled lately and after seeing Sara in a group setting a few years ago, I decided to schedule a private session.  What a true blessing it is to know her.  She has an incredible gift that she so willingly shares.  She was accurate with names and dates and details - to the point I said “I’m so glad we are recording this, because no one would believe it!”  I could feel my energy shift in the middle of the session like a weight had been lifted off me.  After a few minutes she commented that my loved ones took some of the burden and she wondered if I felt it.  Absolutely amazing!  As an aside, I have tried 2 other medium in a group session that we like pulling teeth.  Sara really has a gift.  And her demeanor and compassion make her the perfect person to connect through.  I feel so blessed to have had time with her. 



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—Stephanie K

My husband lost his mom very unexpectedly and we were hoping that speaking with Sara would bring him the peace he was looking for knowing his mom was safe. I can't even explain the astonishing work that Sara provided. It was our first time with a medium and we had no idea what to expect. It was a jaw dropping out of this world experience! Spirit had her talk about a conversation my husband and I had that day...Spirit had Sara validate so much that it was really like we were speaking right to them! I wish we could talk to Sara every day to connect with our loved ones. We had tears & laughter...it was an unforgettable experience and we can't thank Sara enough for the work she does!


—Laurie Perry

02/09/21 - "It was exactly what I was looking for, I was hoping my mom would come thru as the reading was the day before the first anniversary of her death. And o boy, did she show up!!! I can't even put into words, my experience with Sara. I didn't want it to end. She was amazing and brought up things that I didn't even know but were validated later by someone else. This has brought so much peace to my heart. My mom was the star of the show and she did a great job getting Sara to say some very specific things. I laughed and cried and truly felt like I had spent the time with my loved ones. There were so many spot on references, she made believers out of doubters when I shared with my family. I can't thank her enough. She seemed as shocked as I was at some of the things she said. There was also a lot of peace brought to other members of my family through her. She delivers her messages in such a genuine , friendly and loving way. I want to be BFFs with Sara!!!! Just amazing!!!!


I came to Sara to find peace with my loved ones. Her ability gave me exactly that! Her accuracy was unbelievable. Her warming and cheerful presence made our time together very comforting.

—Michelle H


—Terese S

I don't believe I have ever wanted to write a review for someone as much as I did for Sara! From the moment I saw her happy, kind face and smile to her relaxed laughter and down to earth personality, she made my "FIRST time" medium session nothing short of special. Within the first few moments of my loved ones coming through all the way to our final moments everything was spot on. I knew they were present. I found myself feeling so divinely protected and guided, I KNOW they are with me, closer than ever. I truly felt LIGHTER, Lifted and Loved. Sara is a true gift from the divine. If you are seeking peace, I assure you, you will find it.


—Denise W

12/15/20 - Difficult not to be a skeptic prior to my personal reading - What at enlightening experience!  I was so nervous and worried this would make me feel worse - not the case at all; I felt immediate relief and joy.  Sara is an AWESOME person and to share this talent after she has experienced such grief speaks volumes about her character.  Before we ended the session, I committed to doing this again:  may be 3 weeks, 3 months, 3 years or 30 years - it's just great to know I can make contact with my loved ones at any time through Sara.  Truly life changing!


—Mary F

We lost our son on September 17. I had a FaceTime reading with Sara on November 3, 2020. She is a very gifted and compassionate lady. She told me some things that were very accurate, and no-one else knew about them except my husband, our son, and myself. Our session was very comforting , and left me with the feeling that our son, Sam, is safe, happy, and at peace. Thank you Sara.


—Pegi & Jessie



Just a note to thank you from my heart for the time you spent with all of us last night.  You are amazing and the gift you share with those of us that have a grieving heart makes our grief a bit more bearable.


My mom lived with me for the last 2 years of her life; she fell a couple years ago and broke her hip.  She was only staying to recuperate for a couple weeks and it turned into almost 2 years.  She was such a huge part of my life, every single day and I miss her so much.  We were not only Mother and Daughter but also best friends.  We did everything together and those car rides along the shores of the Bay and Lake Michigan – they happened and we loved the time we spent together.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the connection, I felt her presence, her radiant personality and loving words through you.


And the continued connection with my soulmate and love of my life – Wow!  Amazing!  I know we'll be together again someday and knowing he is waiting for that makes my heart very happy.


I am exhausted and an emotional mess today!    


Love to you always, one of your #1 fans!





Hi Sara,

I wanted to take a minute to send my sincerest thanks to you for such a wonderful evening last night.  The reading you shared with us was nothing short of amazing!  Knowing me is to know that I am emotional, but tend to do so privately.  Last night, I was so full of emotion and taken aback especially connecting with our mom.  I absolutely know for sure she was there as I could feel and see her through you!  I can't stop thinking about the things she said to us!  I miss and love her so much and having this opportunity to be with her again meant the world to me.

Thank you,




10/17/20 -


Dear Sara,


All I can say is wow, what an experience! It was like family sitting down and having a great time together and you were part of the family! It was truly a life changing event for me...I know people say that all the time, but, for me, it is real! (You should know that, grammatically, I rarely use exclamation points!, but nothing else is appropriate!!!)


There was just so much that was relevant and meaningful...and so beautiful. It was one of the richest days of my life, so rich that it imprinted on my soul...so much love, so much affirmation and so much more personal comprehension as the grand plan unfolds.


Thank you so much for doing what you do and for making that happen. I say this in all honesty, it would not have happened without you.


Words seem so inadequate, but thank you for opening the channel of communication and interpreting the messages of the energy coming in. (I just got a picture of you as an interpreter or someone who signs for others who do not know the language or who cannot hear!) Anyway, thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I have one favor to ask...could I have the images you drew? I would like to make gift cards from Mom and Dad for the ornaments everyone will get at Christmas.


Thank you, again, Sara. It was so good to meet you and be with you.


With love,



Sara was spot on for the reading with my daughter and I. We were looking for a connection on the other side, but nothing specific. Although we were open, I am naturally a skeptic and look for reasons to not believe. One of the things she said to us I blew off, because it didn’t fit. It hit me later exactly what she meant. She knew that we recently bought a business and were looking at buying a new home. That’s rather specific! Her home is warm, inviting, and spotless! It was well worth the drive and the money.

—Em M


9/21/2020 - "I was skeptical about scheduling a reading with Sara, but my daughter persisted. I was pleasantly surprised with all the informative Sara knew about our close family members who passed; she described their personalities and life situations perfectly. The reading was comforting and beautiful; there were tears and laughter. It all made sense. I have found comfort in knowing my decisions in this lifetime are being guided by a higher power and that my loved ones are safe and happy. Sara made me feel comfortable; she is real and genuine. Thank you, Sara."



9/9/2020 - Hello, my name is Melissa and I fully believe in spirits and the afterlife.  It was 6 months to the day that my Father passed away unexpectedly when I seen Sara.  She was very sweet and kind to me before we even began.  At one point she asked me about a letter my dad was showing her and saying thank you to me.  Well needless to say I was the only person who knew I wrote my dad a letter and put it in his casket the day of the funeral.  There was so much stuff that came through and family members that talked but especially my dad, normal!  Sara was amazing and I would love to get back there again someday.  If your truly want some closure to know your loved ones are happy and safe, Sara is definitely the go to women!  Thanks again Sara, I will appreciate you and what you do!

—Melissa G


We’re so happen we went to see her. She was right on the money with everything. If you want a true reading you must go see her.

—Rodger F


It's been a month (08/05/20) since I had a session with Sara. It has taken several weeks for everything she told me to process. It was AMAZING!  My late husband, my mom & my father all connected with Sara.  There were quite a few things that she told me that only my late husband would know about. I hadn't told Sara anything about myself or who I hoped would connect with her. I laughed & shed many tears.  I am so happy that I recorded the entire conversation.  Thank you so very much Sara.



My best friend and I came in for a reading on 6/18/20 and it was everything we could have hoped for and so much more. Her grandparents first came through for several minutes and then my family members came through and the way she spoke about them all was no doubt their souls coming to us, telling us so many personal things about themselves and us. Things we wanted and needed to hear, whether or not we were aware. Sara was so easy to talk to and really made us both feel welcome. She's the real deal and I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you again Sara for everything you gave us that day.

—Lisa F. and Nelson


6/14/20 - This  experience was amazing!! Sara started by explaining what would happen and from there lots of laughter and some tears. This whole experience was suppose to be about my husband connecting with his father which he was able to do ended up getting the closure he needed then my parents came through that's when the laughter started so many things I have not thought about for a while. Thank you Sara can not say enough amazing things about you, truly a most amazing and memorable experience. THANK YOU!

—Blanie and Karen


6/22/20 - "It was an amazing experience with Sara. She took time to explain what to expect before starting. She really connected with our loved one and was very conpassionate with us. It was a fun experience which really will help with our healing process. I really know that Joseph is with us always.



6/8/2020 - "This was my first session with a medium so I wasn’t sure what would actually happen. Sara thoroughly explained how the process would go and put me at ease. The entire session was amazing! The three people I most wanted to connect with did come through. Numerous messages Sara interpreted from them were exactly spot on. Sara was able to relay many messages that no one could have previously known; each was unique only to how I knew my loved ones. Many verifications from Sara assured me these were really my loved ones coming to be with me, confirmed by examples from how my loved ones lived their lives here on earth and also how my loved ones knew I was honoring them after their passings. I was amazed how Sara could interpret so accurately! These were definitely not just general ideas type of messages; they were very special and heartwarming interpretations that I knew without a doubt were definitely meant for me. I left my session with Sara feeling a sense of love and peace and confidence that my three loved ones are together and happy, and that they want me to be happy too.

In addition, Sara is a most lovely person with a calming, reassuring, and humorous personality. I highly recommend Sara if you want to connect with your loved ones!”

—Amy S.


6/11/2020 - "I highly recommend Sara to anyone who is looking for healing, comfort, and peace. The life-long impact of losing someone close to you is traumatic, we often dwell and really never come to peace with the passing of a loved one. We will always miss and never forget a loved one but we must remember them with love and good memories, easy to say not always easy to implement. Over the past 20 years I have went to many different Mediums and never, never did I experience what I experienced with Sara. The moment Sara began my reading I could tell she was absolutely gifted and this was going to be a much different experience for me. I was amazed at how spot on she was with events in my life that have lead me to Mediums . I think deep down I knew I was looking for someone to help me with healing process, closure, comfort and peace and what I got from Sara’s reading was all that plus. She talks to you with warmth, knowledge and acceptance . Most importantly I now have the understanding that I must move on and live the best life possible, no regrets and no guilt. You will find Sara to be effervescent, inspiring, talented, caring, as well as being a very down to earth and simply fun person to be with.



Sara was great to talk with. What I loved about her reading was that she brought up things that are currently going on in my life and things I have thought about with my loved ones who have passed, opposed to things you can google. I felt rejuvenated after speaking with Sara and it is so thoughtful she is sending me the drawings she made while doing my reading.

—Katie W.


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