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April 13, 2011 ... THE WORST DAY OF MY LIFE!

My beloved son, Cooper, died due to a tragic accident. 

My life was completely stripped of everything. I was lost, devastated, and consumed with grief. Cooper was my life and my only child; the most precious gift that God had ever given me. 

About a month after Cooper passed away, a friend suggested that I seek out a medium to communicate with Cooper. Of course, I was skeptical because I didn't know the first thing about a medium. However, the only thing that I wanted and needed to know was that my son was safe. In May 2011, I had my first experience with a medium and, let me tell you, it was incredible! 

I knew without a doubt that Cooper's soul lives on, and I felt something that I hadn't felt since losing Cooper: PEACE. 

It was REAL ... I was flying high; I found a fleeting glimpse of peace. From that moment forward, I knew that if I couldn't have my son physically, I was determined to find him spiritually. I vowed to Cooper that I would never let his spirit die, nor would I ever shut the door on our life together, past or present.


I always speak of my son in the present tense, as though he has never left because I believe he has transitioned to another phase of his life, and that's it. Our relationship with each other is very real and very fluid; it just presents itself in a different way. 

Now... Cooper is my biggest cheerleader on the other side. 

He has proficiently helped me reach out to others in the spirit world so that I can enhance my soul's growth. I am proud to say that I have fully embraced his words of love and will for the rest of my days here on this physical earth. 

Many signs and many angels ...

Over time, my eyes were opened to several profound signs from Cooper. He was brilliant with what he was presenting us and made sure we always got his messages. For example, driving home from work, my husband, Dan, was asking Cooper for a sign to let us know that he was around us. Boy, did Coop deliver!

When Dan pulled into the driveway, he was astounded to find a large red-tailed hawk sitting on the driveway. My husband got out of his truck and walked toward the hawk and the hawk walked toward Dan. He called me immediately to come and see the hawk. As I approached, the bird flew into the tree, so we knew that it was not injured. 

About a week earlier, a friend of  mine had given me a book called Animal Speak, which gives the spiritual meaning of numerous animals. So, of course, Dan and I rushed home to look up the red-tailed hawk. "The red-tailed hawk is a bird of prey and is otherwise known as Cooper's Hawk." Got goosebumps? Yeah, me too! Simply amazing is all I can say! The hawk stayed around our house for five days ... and Cooper would have been five years old. It was an encounter that got the attention of Dr. Steven Farmer. He published our story in his last book called Healing Ancestral Karma.

On January 11th, 2022, The Common Sentience book series ANIMALS was released featuring Dr. Steven Farmer. My husband Dan and I are currently authors in this book. Sharing our story is our passion. 


a gift of comfort
I'm not any different than the next person...

As a child all of the signs were there, but of course, I never knew any different and I still don't ... I'm just Sara with a twist.  


The only experience that I had with departed family members was in 2008. My husband's grandmother Minnie passed away and, days later, she showed up in the middle of the night next to my bed. I was pretty startled to see her, but I also felt it was a gift of comfort. And I was grateful for the visit. 


Meet Sara

breathe again
I NEVER imagined that mediumship would turn out to be my life path. Now, I can't see myself doing anything else.

My journey as a medium began in June 2012. That's when I opened up to mediumship, per se. I was in the midst of piecing my life back together after the tragic loss of my son Cooper. One month after Cooper's accident, I had my first mediumship session, and everything changed from there. I knew without a doubt that my son's soul still lives on, and it changed something in me. I noticed that I could breathe again. I made a vow that from this point on I will live my life to honor myself and my son. 

About six months after Cooper's passing, I was introduced to energy work and became a Reiki Master. I started to heal myself and anyone that would allow me in their space. I studied Shamanic healing, crystals, intuitive/psychic development ... you name it, I studied it. I was hooked!

And then there was mediumship. For me, it began in a peculiar way as I heard a man speak to me who wasn't physically present. Yes, I thought I was pretty much going crazy. It started happening on a regular basis and escalated into feeling and seeing spirit people. My teacher at the time suggested that I take a mediumship class. I became fascinated with the communication, my ability, and began actively nurturing it. 


Through the years I have traveled to work with several renowned mediums such as John Holland and Janet Nohavec at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck NY, Tony Stockwell in Vancouver British Colombia and at Omega Institute, Rhinebeck NY. and the lovely Mavis Pittilla in Pompton Lakes NJ. I LOVE learning new things!

Today, I am blessed to be completely connected and able to bring peace to so many people who have endured the same pain and grief as I have. What a BLESSING!

Cooper with Starfish_edited_edited.png

"We're All The Same"
-Cooper James Beaupre

Cooper, you are the light that burns bright in my soul.  Thank you for your everlasting love.
~ Love, Your Mama

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