Your loved ones
are simply a heart beat away
Sara is a powerful and dynamic Psychic Medium who knows firsthand what it's like to experience the depths of grief. Through the loss of her only son, she has declared it her life mission to bring comfort, peace, and joy to grieving families and friends of the departed.

My passion is to help you see that there is light behind the darkness of grief by connecting you with your loved one(s) in Spirit. My mission is to empower you to see beyond your pain and embrace the gift of life. 


Having lost my only child in a tragic accident, TRUST me, I can relate to your pain. I've been to the same place you have just in a different way. 

Let's take this journey together.


I look forward to making a connection between you and your loved one. 

Live Events with your loved ones in Spirit. 

Experience the incredible work of one of the most kind-hearted psychic mediums in the Midwest first hand during Live Events with Sara Beaupre. Sara connects random audience members with their loved ones on the "other side" and delivers very personal messages to help as many people as possible heal their hearts. See events below to see when Sara is coming to an area near you. 

find Peace work privately with Sara.

Private sessions by appointment only.

These sessions are detailed and dedicated to you and your loved one in Spirit. 


Featured on the cover of YOU Magazine

2017 Holiday Issue

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Connect with Sara 

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The Soul Gravitates to those who help them heal

Soul Gravity is a private Facebook group designed for people who have lost a loved one and are looking to relate to others who have gone through the same thing. 


It's about healing on all levels. Sara will post experiences that have helped her over the years cope with the tragedy of losing her only son Cooper. She conducts Live Facebook feeds and interviews with healers, doctors, and other professionals to provide people in the group with advice to help them through their own personal grief.


Tel: 920.905.2781 ~ Email ~

Located in Reedsville, WI 54230

Between Appleton, Green Bay, and Milwaukee.