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 Sara's passion is to help heal one soul at a time...

Sara is a talented and compassionate Psychic Medium who deeply understands the pain of loss. Having gone through the heartbreak of losing her own son, Cooper, she has dedicated her life to helping others find comfort, peace, and happiness in the wake of their own grief.

Mediumship is an incredible connection between the souls of the living and the departed based only upon LOVE.
~Sara Beaupre


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Sara has the gift to harness the souls energy with the help of her son Cooper on the other side helping the souls communicate with her to us. I know this because I felt it, heard it and an overall experience it. Prior to meeting Sara my relationship with my Mother who crossed over on May 10th 2012 was already established in a more vibrant and active relationship. Meaning my Mom and I are still just as close if not closer and we are still actively Mother and daughter even though she’s not in her body. I didn’t need Sara for that what I needed her for was to help me hear better and confirm what messages I was suspecting I was being guided to. And to help me get untangled when I sometimes get caught up in the weeds. I know my Mother and her style of speak so when I tell you Sara and the help she receives is no BS. Please find out for yourself. Sara, will sometimes scribble something that comes to her and for me it was never vague it was always very specific and as we would talk about something else then I would say something and sure enough she would hold up her book of just scribbled circles and I would see a very specific word that was my answer when there’s no way! She could’ve known because we were speaking about something else at that time! Thank you Sara! Love you lady and thank you Mom for always loving me and helping me

- Anna

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