Your loved ones 
are simply a heart beat away

with Sara Beaupre
Psychic Medium


Sara is a powerful and dynamic Psychic Medium who knows firsthand what it's like to experience the depths of grief. Through the loss of her only son, she has declared it her life mission to bring comfort, peace, and joy to grieving families and friends of the departed.


 Sara's Passion is to help heal one soul at a time....

What  People Are Saying....


"It was exactly what I was looking for, I was hoping my mom would come thru as the reading was the day before the first anniversary of her death. And o boy, did she show up!!! I can't even put into words, my experience with Sara. I didn't want it to end. She was amazing and brought up things that I didn't even know but were validated later by someone else. This has brought so much peace to my heart. My mom was the star of the show and she did a great job getting Sara to say some very specific things. I laughed and cried and truly felt like I had spent the time with my loved ones. There were so many spot on references, she made believers out of doubters when I shared with my family. I can't thank her enough. She seemed as shocked as I was at some of the things she said. There was also a lot of peace brought to other members of my family through her. She delivers her messages in such a genuine , friendly and loving way. I want to be BFFs with Sara!!!! Just amazing!!!!"


- Laurie Perry

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