Private Sessions

So, you've been guided to work with me!
It is truly my honor to communicate with your loved ones.

The basis behind mediumship is LOVE. 


Your loved one(s) only wants what's best for you, to empower you to live your best life.


During a private session, Sara connects with those who have fulfilled their life mission while here in the physical world. As your departed loved ones come to be with you, they will bring forth very detailed information that only you and your loved one(s) in Spirit will know. They begin by validating their life while here in the physical by bringing up several important memories you shared. They will also bring up private things that they see you doing in the present, which is my favorite part because it proves one thing, that your loved ones are still with you, but just in a different way.


​You have to be ready for this type of healing. It will be a little overwhelming, and it's a lot to process. But, I promise you that you will feel so much lighter afterward. It will set you free and encourage you to harness and rebuild your life.


I feel that if hearing from a loved one can ease your grief just a little bit, then we have accomplished something spectacular. My wish for you is that you see that life is continuous and that love never dies! 

Video - FaceTime - Phone Private Sessions

  • Individual

    Video-Facetime-Phone Private Session
  • 2 People

    Video-Facetime-Phone Private Session
Video - Facetime - Phone Sessions
  • Sara offer's individual sessions or sessions for two people. Should you want more people to join your session please feel free to ask.

  • These sessions take place over FaceTime, Phone, or Zoom.

  • Sessions are held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm Central Standard Time.

  • Sessions are 60-70 minutes.

  • It is recommended to be alone in the room for private sessions. A speakerphone is not permitted.

  • Phone & Zoom sessions are recorded for your convenience by Sara. FaceTime is NOT. After your session is over, you will receive a link to download your session. This link is available for two weeks.

  • Your session is sacred as you connect with your Loved Ones. Please honor that connection by being in a private, quiet space. 

  • When you book a session with Sara, please ensure you provide an accurate phone number and email address. 

  • If you schedule a Phone or Zoom session. A confirmation email will be emailed to you, including the Zoom link or phone information, along with additional information you will need to prepare for your time with Sara before your session.

  • All phone sessions are in Central Standard Time Zone. You will need to adjust to Sara's time zone.

Either way you choose is valuable! 

Read some of the testimonials that Sara receives, and you'll know firsthand that this experience will undoubtedly change your life.